Deer crossing Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

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SAUSALITO , California. — Two northbound deer briefly stopped traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge Friday night as they made a run for the hills of Marin County, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The deer, reported at 5:24 p.m., appear to have entered the bridge from the south.

The two deer brought traffic to a halt in three lanes of traffic.

Drivers appeared to have slowed behind the animals, leaving the lanes clear in front of them.

“They pretty much created their own traffic break,” police officer Barclay said, noting that northbound traffic tends to be backed up and slower around 5:30 p.m. anyway.

“That could be what saved the deer from getting hurt,” he added. “If it was lighter traffic the cars would have been moving faster.”

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Two-headed snake found in Turkey

A farmer in northeastern Turkey recently discovered a bicephalic snake; that is, it has two heads. This phenomenon occurs when monozygotic twins fail to separate completely, so it’s really a case of conjoined twins and not a mutation that caused two heads to grow.

When these types of animals occur out in the wild, they tend not to live very long. With two brains governing one body, movement isn’t always smooth and deliberate. Instead, they can disagree about how to move, making it fairly difficult to catch prey. This anomalous anatomy also makes them fairly easy prey for larger predators as well. However, two-headed snakes receiving proper captive care are able to live full, relatively normal lives and even give birth to normal offspring.

The two-week-old snake was transferred to a vivarium in southwestern Turkey in order to receive the specialized care it requires for survival. The snake is likely part of the Coluber genus, which are generally referred to as “racers” due to their thin, sleek bodies and ability to move fairly quickly. (…)

These snakes have throats that are more narrow than usual, so the caretakers need to be careful not to offer any food that is too large, since the snake could possibly choke.

Though technically only one of the heads needs to eat, since they share a stomach and nutrients, the two heads don’t know that and can fight over the food. If one head kills the other, it could be disastrous for the head that was initially victorious. If these snakes were in the wild, the time spent fighting would leave it more vulnerable to predators.

snake 2 heads

If you want to see what two-headed snakes look like, watch this video:

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Barack Obama visits Stonehenge in England

Barack Obama in Stonehenge visit on return from NATO summit – BBC News

President Obama at Stonehenge The President made an unannounced visit to Stonehenge on his journey back to Washington

US President Barack Obama paid a visit to Stonehenge on his return home from the NATO summit in Newport.

The White House said that the presidential helicopter Marine One made an unannounced stop at Boscombe Down Airbase, Wiltshire before his motorcade drove to the ancient monument.

The president was then given a guided tour by curator Heather Sebire.

English Heritage, which manages the site, said it was “an honour” to host the president.

General manager of Stonehenge, Kate Davies said: “His office told us the president was very interested to see the iconic monument for himself.

“Every day people from all over the world make the trip to the ancient stones but this visit was a particularly special one.”

Ms Sebire said Mr Obama “was fascinated by the story of the stones, what we know about them and the mysteries that have yet to be solved.

“He described the atmosphere around the stones as ‘really special’ and his visit to Stonehenge as ‘a highlight of my tour’.

“It was a beautiful still evening and it was a privilege to show the US president around this unique monument which continues to inspire and intrigue people.”

Buckingham Palace guardsman under investigation

▶ BBC News : ‘Silly walks’ Buckingham Palace Guardsman under investigation – YouTube.

Guarding the Queen’s home is a serious and solemn duty.

So it’s a good thing Her Majesty was not around to see this soldier apparently pirouetting on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

In his red tunic and bearskin, the Grenadier Guard was filmed seemingly trying to ease the boredom of his two-hour shift with a series of remarkably elegant dance moves.

The guard has been put under investigation.

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