Free food for homeless people at Indian restaurant

Minu Pauline is the owner of ’’Pappadavada’, a famous restaurant in Kochi in India. One day, she saw a homeless woman eating leftover food from a trashcan. Pauline couldn’t help but feel moved by the site of this woman’s plight, and realized that she had to do something.

So she decided to put a fridge full of food right on the street for those who need it. The fridge is open 24/7, and anyone can take a free meal from it. Pauline adds 78-80 new meals there every day. Other local restaurants and people who care about the homeless also regularly fill the fridge up with food.


One thought on “Free food for homeless people at Indian restaurant

  1. we will have to appreciate the work done by Minu Pauline, this is the best example to change bad things to good things, we should inspire from that kind work.

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