Rose Fereira: from the street to Nasa

As a child, the young woman grew up in the Dominican Republic and did not have access to education. She eventually relocated to New York, where she encountered an even harsher reality: she visited violent areas, had limited access to school, and was homeless in one of the major cities in the United States.

But there was always something that piqued her interest: what could explain space?

Before arriving at university, Rose worked as a home health assistant and studied through EJA (Youth and Adult Education). She still needed to recover from a hit-and-run and cancer treatment.

It was only after that that she was finally able to enroll in college. In July of this year, she received the email of her life: she was going to be an intern at NASA.

If as a child Rose Ferreira didn’t even know what NASA was, today she wants to become an astronaut for the US space agency. She says that she felt the greatest emotion of her life when she saw for the first time the image of a field of galaxies in the James Webb telescope, in July.

Girl with autism tells her story

Megan-autism story“My name is Meghan.
We didn’t find out that I had autism until I was 18 years old. My parents always suspected that there was something different about me. I wasn’t social with kids my own age, I had an obsession with science (particularly astronomy), was very uncomfortable around lots of people, and loud noises easily overwhelmed me. I grew up thinking that I was a freak because none of the kids liked me. I had a difficult time socializing properly, and I had absolutely no friends. The only people who ever showed up to my birthday parties were family members.

I was bullied my entire life. Kids told me that I was weird, a freak, that I deserved to die, etc. When I was 12 I attempted suicide because I was so distressed over the bullying. I continued to wonder why I didn’t fit in no matter what I tried. I would study the popular kids and try to learn how to act like them, but it would never work. This continued through high school. During my senior year, my parents and I found out that I had a form of high functioning autism. That changed everything. I was resistant to the diagnosis at first, because I was hoping that my issues were just a phase I was going through, but the diagnosis meant that I would live with these struggles for my entire life.

I am now a junior in college studying forensic science. I have managed to accept my diagnosis and have been able to make some amazing friends who don’t care that I have autism. I am on track to achieve my dream of being a scientist. My autism does not keep me from being intelligent or pursuing a career in science. In fact, it makes my brain better equipped for handling scientific thought.

If I could tell young kids anything, it would be that autism can’t stop you from achieving your dreams. It only makes you more special and passionate about your dream. Keep on dreaming and working hard and you will achieve!”
Cedarville, OH

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Shirley Chisholm (1924 – 2005) was an American politician, educator, and author. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, to immigrant parents. In 1968, she became the first African-American woman elected to Congress. On January 25, 1972, she became the first major-party black candidate for President of the United States and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. She fought for human rights and was an inspiration to many women.

Titli Nihaan biography.

If you like Titli Nihaan recipes, read this about who she is.TitliNihaanPic

When and where were you born?

I was born in Birmingham, UK, in the 60s. My father was an engineer and my mother was an office worker. My maternal grandmother loved to bake cakes. I use some of her recipes.

What did you eat during your childhood?

Meat and two vegetables, Marmite sandwiches… Then I discovered foreign food at Italian and Chinese restaurants.

Are you a Muslim?

I do not come from a religious family. In 2008, after personal events, I converted to Islam. I always use halal products in my cooking. I use no pork, pork products or alcohol. I find halal substitutes for haram products in recipes.

Why don’t you specialize in one particular cuisine?

My professional life has taken me to many parts of the world, I have experienced many cultures and cuisines. This is why I don’t rectrict myself to one particular style of cooking.

What is your philosophy on cooking?

I believe that anyone can cook good food. Cooking should be fun and you should experiment with ingredients. Some of the best things you can cook are really easy, very tasty, and cheaper than ready-made food.

If you’re interested read the full version here :

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