Making pomanders

Want to keep your house or your wardrobe smelling of orange and spices? Make pomanders and keep them everywhere you want this nice fall smell in the air…

This is really easy. You just need to pick a firm orange with no blemishes and stick cloves in it, in the pattern of your choice.

It will even be easier if you pierce the orange’s skin with a knitting needle before pushing the clove through!







How to make a calming glitter jar or bottle

If your little brother or sister needs help calming down, or if you’d like one for yourself because they are so pretty, here is how to make a calming glitter jar.

You will need:

– a glass jar or a strong plastic bottle (in that case, don’t heat the water too much)

– some transparent glitter glue

– a lot of glitter!

– one drop of food coloring (one drop directly into the water for strong coloring, or use a toothpick to add a little for a softer color)

Tip: if you are giving this to a young child, use super glue to seal the top so they won’t unscrew it and make a horrible mess in their room…

▶ DIY Calming Glitter Jar ♡ – YouTube.