Foundation gives dying people their last wish

Based in the Netherlands, the “Ambulance Wish Foundation helps to bring peace to people in their final days by granting them their last wish. It was founded by Mr Veldboer, who is an ambulance driver himself. The foundation employs a fleet of custom-built ambulances and always has highly trained medical staff on hand for emergencies.

Some of the dying people they help want to visit a touristic place or see exotic animals. But many just want to enjoy sunshine at the beach or go back to their home for a few hours.

Here are some of their granted wishes:

dying wish 1 “To see the sun set on the ocean one last time.”

dying wish 2“To enjoy a delicious ice-cream cone.”

dying wish 5“To be at my granddaughter’s wedding.”

dying wish 3“To say goodbye to the giraffe I took care of at the zoo where I worked.”

dying wish 4“To see the dolphins playing.”

dying wish 6“To see my favorite Rembrandt painting one last time.”

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