Spray-painting the dreams of the homeless


Skid Robot(Photo: SkidRobot/Instagram)

Anonymous Los Angeles street artist Skid Robot wants to “ignite a global revolution of compassion.” The artist brings attention to the issues of homelessness by making Skid Row his canvas and its inhabitants his muses. Best known for his graffiti, Skid Robot gives food, money, and toiletries to homeless people on Skid Row and then includes them in paintings done around their makeshift homes. Skid Robot will sometimes ask his models about their dreams and incorporate that into his pieces. While a painting of a warm bed doesn’t compare with the real thing, he is fund-raising for a documentary about homelessness.


Citizens of the world now have a flag… the flag for Planet Earth!

earth flag

A designer from Sweden has made a flag for our planet.

It is bright blue, to remind us og the water on our planet, and to stnad out against the white of astronauts’ suits and against the black of outer space.

It has interconnected circles to remind us that humans can be united.

It has been floated in space, in Antartica, all around the planet, and you can have it on your front porch!