25 famous people who used to be homeless

Did you know that, at one point in their lives, these celebrities used to be homeless?

Jim Carrey – Ben Franklin – David Letterman – Col. Harland Sanders – Sylvester Stallone – Kelly Clarkson – Tyler Perry – Daniel Craig – Halle Berry – Jim Kramer – Shania Twain – Hilary Swank – William Shatner – Jennifer Lopez – Sam Worthington – Sean Parker – Jewel – Djimon Hounsou – Dr. Phil McGraw – Drew Carey – Carmen Electra – Cary Grant – Kurt Cobain – Suze Orman – Heather Mills

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Women are to be respected

Today is International Women’s Day.

Every day, women are harassed in the street simply for being women. In other words: Every time we step out the house, we run the risk of being shouted at, catcalled, or assaulted.

Brooklyn (New York) artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is using street art to take a place where women feel uncomfortable and turn it into a place where we cannot be ignored.
women-not for entertainment

women-outfit not invitation
These two posters have a clear message. The first one means that if a woman is wearing a short skirt or a sexy dress, it does not allow men to treat her differently. Her clothes are NOT an invitation to strangers to approach her or make comments!
The second one means that a woman who walks in the street is just a PERSON who walks in the street, she is not there for strange men to look at her or talk to her.