Fake milk splatter

april fools pranks fake milk on keyboard

For this prank, you’ll need:

– white glue, aka elmer’s glue

– a piece of glass, or any smooth surface

– soap, or any lubricant (cooking spray, etc.)

– knife


  • Your surface can be any smooth surface, like a piece of glass. Now take a your choice of lubricant (bar soap for me), and cover the surface.
    This makes the removal easier later.
  • With the surface ready, take a bottle of white glue and pour your milk splatter.
    You want to squirt out a nice thick layer of glue, that way it is easier to peel it off after it dries.april fools pranks fake milk on keyboard2
  • Now let it dry for a good 6 to 12 hours.
  • Once the glue dries, take a knife or anything with a sharp edge, and poke the edges around.
    After the thin strips are free, it should be easy to peel off the whole thing off your surface.
  • Now with your milk splatter in hand, you can place it on anything you want without harming anything.
    Try distracting your victim to the kitchen, then place the fake milk splatter on his/her laptop, and wait for some reaction!

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