Hello Kittie plane!

EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Jets – from Taïwan to Singapore.

1. Hello Kitty Check-Ins


The Hello Kitty theme runs through your entire flight experience, starting with your check in. So get your cameras ready from the beginning! If you’re flying back from Taoyuan Airport (Taipei) Terminal 2, you can do a self check-in at the Hello Kitty kiosks.

2. Hello Kitty Boarding Passes!


Following which you will get a Hello Kitty boarding pass.

3. Hello Kitty Boarding Gate!

This is the Hello Kitty boarding gate, which will definitely have you going “awwww” before being compelled by your inner fangirl to purchase some souvenirs.

4. Hello Kitty Cabin Crew!


The cabin crew completes the themed experience with a baby pink Hello Kitty apron that will make you swoon.

5. Hello Kitty Toilets!

b2ap3_thumbnail_watermarkkitty-5-Copy.jpgEVA Air and Sanrio meant it when they said ‘full service Hello Kitty jets’ because you’ll have Kitty and friends even during your toilet breaks.

6. Hello Kitty In-Flight Food!


This kittified tray feels like an endless maze with its multiple courses and totally Instagram-worthy appearance.


You even get Hello Kittie pillows to sleep on!

More details: https://sg.news.yahoo.com