Chocolate Legos!

Edible Chocolate LEGOs by Akihiro Mizuuchiby Christopher Jobson on August 13, 2014

chocolate lego-1

chocolate lego-3

chocolate lego-6

Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi designed a modular system for creating edible chocolate LEGO bricks. Chocolate is first poured into precisely designed moulds that after cooling can be popped out and used as regular LEGOs.

It’s hard to determine exactly how functional they are, it seems like he had success in building a number of different things, though I can only imagine how quickly they might melt in your hands, but I suppose that’s beside the point; this is two of the greatest things in the world fused together.

If you google around there are numerous attempts at creating various forms of LEGO in chocolate or other food, but this appears to be the most detailed and well-designed of anything out there.


Funny hand soap craft

craft photo hand soap


– take a photo of your little brother or niece for exemple.

– print the photo on transparent paper (buy it at the stationnary shop).

– buy a bottle of clear, transparent hand soap.

– open the bottle by unscrewing the top part (the pump).

– cut the photo and roll it up so you can fit it through the bottle opening. Put it upside-down, it will be funnier!

– put the pump back in and voilà!